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Fighting Fraud Together

Stopping fraud takes all of us

Marching Forward

We enter the new year with renewed enthusiasm

Securing Identities

We asked three industry experts how we can secure physical credentials, prevent fraud and protect our communities

Q&A with William Childress

Q&A with William Childress, Executive director of the Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Board and president of the National Association for Motor Vehicle Boards and…

Deep Fakes

Phony licenses have become big business for counterfeiters. Here’s what DMVs can do to secure licenses and owners’ true identities 

Fighting Fraud

AAMVA’s many verification and information sharing systems provide a safety net to catch fraud in the act

At Your Fingertips

The Digital Image Access and Exchange program simplifies fraud detection

All About Fraud

There are several surveys related to fraud. These surveys have additional questions that provide more information

System Success

Special Agent Randy Belasic shuts down title fraud using NMVTIS and wins an AAMVA award 

Fast Times in Big Sky Country

How Montana’s motor vehicle division revamped their processes

When Disaster Strikes

The COVID-19 pandemic upended practically everything. An AAMVA working group aims to help jurisdictions be better prepared in the face of whatever disaster come…

Drawing Boundaries Around Identity Management

Agencies are looking for solutions to meet evolving identity verification demands. But where do your responsibilities begin and end?

Drunk Driving and Ignition Interlock

There are several surveys related to ignition interlock and the fight against drunk driving

Behind the Wheel

Q&A with Richard Fambro and Larry Boivin, both Lifetime Achievement Winners

Collaboration Is Key

Our goals may be diverse in nature but they always intersect for progress and the betterment of society

Under Lock & Key

We asked four industry leaders for their take on the value of interlocks and the current fight against drunk driving in the United States

Stepping Up To the Plate

From digital plates to vinyl wraps, alternative license plates present potential advantages and challenges

A Turning Point

A look at the current fight against drunk driving and the future of ignition interlocks

Breaking Records

This year’s Annual International Conference had the highest attendance to date


What brought you to the 2023 Annual International Conference?

Out with the Old

The Maryland MVA updated an old software system and won an AAMVA award in the process

Remote Controlled

How a remote mobile driver license provisioning system in Utah is minimizing fraud and eliminating traffic at the DMV

Moving Forward Together

Our success will be forged through partnership and collaboration


Bridging the Digital Divide: How to Serve Everyone, Everywhere

Is your modernization journey leaving any customers behind?

Celebrating a Career in Service

AAMVA recognizes outgoing President & CEO Anne Ferro with the Chair’s Award of Excellence

Supporting Road Safety: Tips to Implement S2S DHR in Your Agency

S2S DHR gives states a seamless, electronic means of exchanging driver histories and other important information. Get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes…


The Customer Experience

There are several resources related to automating the customer service experience.

Stepping Up

New President and CEO Ian Grossman moves into leadership role at AAMVA

Full Service

AAMVA announces its first international customer service award winner

Paying it Forward

How a digital payment provider helped the Kansas Department of Revenue save time and money


We asked our members for photos celebrating AAMVA’s 90th, and they delivered.

Data Transfer

How the Driver History Record functionality is keeping the roads safer

It’s All In Hand

New technologies are helping DMV contact centers operate more efficiently and provide better quality service to customers

Q&A With Spencer R. Moore


One Record, One Mission

Three AAMVA members share their thoughts on the importance and value of timely, accurate driver records and why that matters for driver safety

The Final Curtain

After a decade of service to AAMVA, Anne Ferro takes a bow

Shift Change

Former Chair of the Board, Kristina Boardman, welcomes Spencer R. Moore to the role

Fast Enterprises

Linda Cone, retired business lead from the Tennessee Department of Safety Driver Services Division, discusses her experience with Fast Enterprises.

Deloitte’s Digital DMV

As an AAMVA associate member for more than 20 years, Deloitte is a long-term collaborator with DMVs, providing everything from strategic advisory services, to p…

On the Road with the Chair


On the Road with the Chair


On the Road with the Chair


On the Road with the Chair


On the Road with the Chair


Pick and Choose

Online car sales are here to stay. What does this new reality mean for regulators and DMVs?


We asked members what brought them to the 2023 Workshop and Law Institute

Automated Vehicles

There are several resources related to automated vehicles.

Modernizing with Intention

How the Wyoming Department of Transportation and Mathtech are taking vehicle and driver licensing modernization to the next level

A Game of Tag

After an increase in fraudulent temp tags, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission began chasing—and catching—bad players

Smooth Road Ahead

A new AAMVA report clears up confusion on specific-use plates

The Courage and Grace to Embrace Change

“Change is good. You go first.”


Industry Transformation

From new vehicles to new ways to purchase them

Evolving Techniques for Vehicle Sales

Pandemic-boosted new sales modes challenge old school dealers

Q&A With Robin Hutcheson, Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

We caught up with the Administrator to discuss her priorities for the agency and the importance of a “one driver, one history record”

Handing Over the Keys

As more automated vehicles hit the road, motor vehicle administrators must prepare for the challenges and opportunities they present.

E-Titling: Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

In the motor vehicle industry’s journey toward electronic titling, your agency may already be in the express lane. Find out how you can leverage existing techno…

Optimize workflows with thales kiosks

Move up to Melissa

Protecting and Securing Identities

On the Road with the Chair


On the Road with the Chair


On the Road with the Chair



It’s a Small World After All

Connecting across the globe

The Road Ahead

Two experts provide perspectives on AAMVA’s 90th anniversary and where the safety community is headed as we move toward our 100th anniversary

Q&A with Servi Beckers

MOVE spoke with Servi Beckers, Director, Corporate Strategy & External Developments, Chairman, EReg, the Association of European Vehicle and Driver Registration…

Building a Framework for the Future

With the new Strategic Framework, AAMVA is prepared to meet the needs of the entire AAMVA membership family.

The Shrinking Globe

Partnerships with international stakeholders have never been more important. Here’s why.


AAMVA members discuss what the organization will look like at 100

License Plates

There have been several recent surveys on license plates

Joining Forces

When jurisdictions share knowledge, everyone benefits

Better Online Than In Line

Innovations in online queuing offer a streamlined experience

Out of Sight

AAMVA’s License Plate Verification Program allows Jurisdictions to send in up to four free plates each year to test for readability

Path to the Future

Together, we move forward

Here’s Your Queue: It’s Time to Optimize the Customer Journey

All customers want to feel that their time is valued. With the right approach, your agency can serve customers efficiently and get them back to their lives.

On the Road with the Chair


On the Road with the Chair

Dispatches from the Chair’s travel across the globe

Using NMVTIS to Protect Consumers from Flood Cars 

Particularly for purchases from private individual or online sales, NMVTIS is a great way for consumers to protect themselves.

On the Road with the Chair

Dispatches from the Chair’s travel across the globe

On the Road with the Chair

Dispatches from the Chair’s travel across the globe

Crossword – 2022 Issue 4

Lowering Communication Barriers

Two experts discuss the practices implemented to better serve patrons who are deaf or hard of hearing

Get in Gear

AAMVA releases new resources for training new drivers for the road ahead

Breaking Records in Baltimore

This year’s AIC provided a wealth of information for attendees to take back home

A Helping Hand

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the MDOT MVA provided documentation for dozens of people experiencing homelessness

Keeping Trailering Safe

U-Haul updates its Safe Trailering Driver Education Program as trailer rentals surge during the pandemic

Crime & Punishment

AAMVA released a new white paper outlining how jurisdictions can improve their partnerships with prosecutors

Accept the Gift of Lessons Offered

Leaders shared their journeys at AIC 2022

Safer Together

When we communicate and work together, we collectively move forward

Bridging the Communications Gap

Motor vehicle offices use a variety of tools to communicate with drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing

Driver Education and Training

These surveys focus on customer service and service delivery options

Q&As with Millicent Ford and Major Matthew Cox, Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

MOVE spoke to two lifetime achievement award winners

On the Road with the Chair

Dispatches from the Chair’s travel across the globe

Lifesavers Wanted

Are you a Lifesaver? If you’re reading this article, chances are the answer is yes and there is an event designed with you in mind: The Lifesavers National Conf…

Crossword – 2022 Issue 3

Passing the Torch

Chrissy Nizer welcomes Kristina Boardman to the role of chair of the board

Perspectives on the mDL Trust Framework

Two digital identity experts discuss what the mDL trust framework needs in order to work and what the future holds for the technology.

Do More with My AAMVA

Get the most out of the website by creating an account

Q&A With Kristina Boardman

Wisconsin DMV Administrator and incoming AAMVA Chair

Standards Gone Mobile

The infrastructure to support mobile driver’s licenses is coming

Prepared for Danger Ahead

AAMVA’s Emergency Resiliency and Response working group is creating a framework to keep your business operating when an emergency strikes

Customer Service

These surveys focus on customer service and service delivery options

Improving the mDL Ecosystem

How Utah worked to develop an mDL verification system

Not Your Typical Kiosk

The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division won the 2022 Trailblazer Award for its virtual customer service program

A Multi-Focus Field of Vision

Always looking for the light at the end of the tunnel

Driving Into the Future

AAMVA recently released the third edition of our guidelines document for regulating automated driver system-equipped vehicles.

Changing the Game

Technology allows motor vehicle agencies to rethink their core services

The Road Ahead

CDL testing is set to receive its first updates in about two decades. What is behind these changes and how will they impact the industry?

Q&A with Tammi Popp

Newly retired Director of Program Management, Driver and Vehicle Services at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and chair of the International Regis…

Closing the Gap

Connecting great policies with actualized outcomes

Crossword – 2022 Issue 2

Blueprint for the Future

How innovations in new driver testing are challenging old programs

CDL Testing Gets a Refresh

New technology safety features on commercial vehicles have prompted upgrades to the CDL testing model

Welcome to the New AAMVA Website

To make all of that content easier to find and digest, we created our brand-new Search Explorer

Driver Testing

These surveys focus on non-commercial driver testing

Drivers Wanted

How a bus driver shortage amid the COVID-19 pandemic led to a new virtual training program in North Carolina

Modernizing Insurance Verification

How Illinois worked with MV Solutions to digitize its insurance verification system

Dyed Fuel Detection and Prevention

A new document from AAMVA provides best practices for detecting and deterring dyed fuel fraud

Checking In With the Chair

We chatted with Chair Nizer at the 2022 Workshop and Law Institute in March, one of the first in-person meetings AAMVA has held since the beginning of the pande…

Crossword – 2022 Issue 1

Pulling Together

Creating a structure that communities can adopt provides a collaborative way to move forward

Federal Funding to Support Safety

Roadway safety advocates discuss the importance of partnerships with federal agencies

Q&A with Jennifer Homendy

A 25-year veteran of the traffic safety industry, Jennifer Homendy, Chair of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), discusses her storied career and t…

How To Fill the Funding Tank

States plan for the future of highway funding

Joining Forces

Forming relevant partnerships can help motor vehicle administrators and highway safety offices accomplish more by sharing the workload, resources—and the result…

Vehicle Titling

Here are the most recent surveys that focus on vehicle titling

Creating a Credential

How Thales worked with the Colorado DOR to bring Colorado’s own citizens into the credential design process

Ready for Takeoff

Jurisdictions are aiming to allow mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs) as valid identification for air travel

Stop Scammers, Stop Fraud

AAMVA’s Deterrence and Detection of Fraud Best Practices, Edition 2 can help jurisdictions combat criminal activity

Connecting With Safety Stakeholders

Success depends on effective collaboration

Supporting and Promoting Move Over Laws

According to statistics obtained from the Emergency Responder Safety Institute, 2021 was the deadliest year on record for traffic incident responders

Q&A with Owen McShane

Director of Investigations, New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, and Winner of the 2021 AAMVA Lifetime Achievement in Highway Safety—Motor Vehicle Admin…

Q&A with Col. Matthew Langer

Chief, Minnesota State Patrol, and Winner of the 2021 AAMVA Lifetime Achievement in Highway Safety—Law Enforcement award

A Safer, More Inclusive Future

Reflecting the communities we serve

Virtual Connection

Highlights from AAMVA’s 2021 Virtual Annual International Conference

Knowledge Is Power

North Carolina DMV works with idemia to educate retailers, law enforcement on fraudulent IDs

Musings: 2021 Issue 4

AAMVA members had a lot to say about the 2021 Virtual Annual International Conference!

Curiosity Thwarts Criminals

Virginia agent uncovers criminal enterprise, earning her the Inaugural NMVTIS Enforcement Award

Building Inclusion and Equity

Agencies assess programs to improve their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts

A New Frontier of Fraud

Online DMV services open new opportunities for fraud

Data Points to Needed Diversity Focus

Experts weigh in on how diversity in the transportation workforce, equity in designs and inclusion in programs could have major positive safety impacts

Obstacles Become Opportunities

Working together will help advance the industry

Crossword – 2021 Issue 4

See if you can solve this issue’s puzzle

Eyes on Fraud

Here are the most recent surveys related to fraud deterrence and detection

Save the Date

States play a vital role in preparing for Federal Entry-Level Driver Training compliance

Crossword – 2021 Issue 3

See if you can solve this issue’s puzzle

Eyes on the Horizon

Messages from the outgoing and incoming AAMVA Board Chairs

A Pandemic Puzzler

Despite people traveling less, traffic incidents and fatalities increased in 2020. Experts attempt to understand and cope with this surprising and dangerous tre…

Q&A with Chrissy Nizer

Incoming AAMVA board chair and administrator at the Maryland department of transportation Motor Vehicle Administration shares her vision for the organization

Keeping Track

Update to S2S Verification Service allows DMVs to share and access current driver history records

Is Highway Safety Sick?

COVID-weary jurisdictions grapple with a secondary pandemic: dangerous driving

Musings: 2021 Issue 3

What is your favorite episode of AAMVAcast so far, and what topics or people would you like to see featured in the future?

Operational Changes Due to COVID-19

Here are the most recent surveys related to operational changes during the pandemic

Now Boarding: REAL ID

Missouri establishes new driver license office at airport to provide REAL IDs

Cutting Red Tape

Best practices for license suspension reviewed to address burden of “driving while poor”

Rough Roads

It’s all about the driver—and your influence

Modernization Benefits Everyone

Minnesota DPS and FAST Enterprises partner to upgrade services

Online Services

Here are the most recent surveys related to online services

A Digital Future

DMV business should continue to include virtual offerings after pandemic ends

True DeTECHtives

Law enforcement agencies are using new technologies to better meet the needs of their departments and the people they serve

Q&A with Alex Otte

New Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) National President shares the story of how she first became involved with the organization and her goals for her term

What Lies Ahead

AAMVA partners with industry experts to detail where DMV operations are headed in the future

An Intelligent Solution

How DMVs are using artificial intelligence to improve service

Musings: 2021 Issue 2

In 20 years, what will be the biggest change at DMVs?

Right On Queue

Upgrades to the Nevada DMV scheduling and queuing system improved wait times and earned the jurisdiction devoted fans on social media

Aerial Views

Washington State Patrol uses drones for reconstructing crash scenes

Personal Protection

AAMVA publishes managing data privacy and external access best practice

Move Forward—In Safety

Pandemic trends to keep, and those to leave behind

Crossword – 2021 Issue 2

See if you can solve this issue’s puzzle

Q&A with Dianne Graham

Director of Conference Services in the Member Services and Public Affairs Division retires after 42 years with AAMVA

Learning to Adapt

Highway traffic safety professionals are grappling with the challenges of modifying driver education due to the pandemic

Partners for the Journey

Jurisdictions find success working with third-party agents

Information Handoff

AAMVA releases new best practice guide for administering third-party agents

Musings: 2021 Issue 1

What changes did you implement during the pandemic that you can see being permanent changes to your jurisdiction’s operations?

Peace of Mind

Wisconsin DMV puts AAMVA’s Driver’s License Data Verification service to work for safe and secure identity verification

@ Home Services

The Arizona MVD and IDEMIA partner to provide e-titling and online permit test solutions

Mapping Out Cooperation

AAMVA works to help jurisdictions develop productive relationships

On the Same Page

AAMVA updates its License Plate Standard guidance document

Business as Unusual

While we can’t meet in person, communication is still key

The Future of Driver Education

Driver education has evolved to accommodate new content and teaching practices based on available research and vehicle technology

Crossword – 2021 Issue 1

See if you can solve this issue’s puzzle

Third-Party Service Providers

Here are the most recent surveys related to third-party service providers

Title Pairing

Georgia partners with DLRdmv for electronic titling and registration

The Path Ahead

Finding new ways to get things done

Change the Game

Technology provides flexibility to maintain safety and productivity

Q&A with Warren Stanley

Retired Commissioner, California Highway Safety Patrol, and winner of the 2020 AAMVA Lifetime Achievement in Highway Safety—Law Enforcement

Q&A with Karen Grim

Former Deputy Commissioner for Operations, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, and winner of the 2020 AAMVA Lifetime Achievement in Highway Safety—Motor Vehi…

Building Momentum

How motor vehicle administrators handle the challenging task of change management within their departments

Remote Control

DMV employees are adapting to digital operations while keeping communication and efficiency top of mind

Medical Requirements for Drivers

Here are the most recent jurisdiction surveys related to medical requirements for drivers

Congratulations 2020 AAMVA Award Winners

AAMVA received numerous outstanding award submissions in each category and through a rigorous judging process selected those that are exemplary

All Aboard

As NMVTIS nears 99% completion, Texas shares its NMVTIS Guide

Crossword – Fall 2020

See if you can solve this issue’s puzzle

Smooth Operators

AAMVA’s Automated Vehicle Subcommittee updates guidance

Frame of Mind

Empower colleagues, stay positive

Honor in Service

DMV employees and traffic safety law enforcement officers are frontline heroes

The Test Policy

AAMVA has released a new set of guidelines for testing commercial and noncommercial drivers

Real-Time Resolutions

Wisconsin’s Traffic Violation and Registration Program gains efficiencies from going digital

COVID-19 Adaptations

Here are the most recent jurisdiction surveys that address current pandemic challenges

Musings: Summer 2020

How are you communicating with your community and customers in this extraordinary time?

The Road to Testing

Maryland transforms emissions testing stations into COVID-19 testing sites

Crossword – Summer 2020

See if you can solve this issue’s puzzle

Unprecedented Adaptations

Motor vehicle administrations and law enforcement respond to the COVID-19 pandemic

Q&A with Mike Dixon

Incoming AAMVA Board Chair and Senior Director for the Division of Motor Vehicles, Colorado Department of Revenue, shares his vision for the future of the assoc…

Customer Service…From Six Feet Away

How vendors that support the driver services industry are reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic

Days of Change

Messages from the outgoing and incoming AAMVA board chairs

Automating Safety

AAMVA Automated Vehicles subcommittee provides technical assistance to North Carolina to help bring a clearer focus to the road ahead

Are They Covered?

Arkansas can now easily verify insurance information in real time with help from MV Solutions

Damage Defined

AAMVA’s new best practice guide aims to establish consistent definitions for salvage and junk vehicles across jurisdictions

Closing the Gaps

Process and procedure are essential to the health and welfare of the public

Dashboard: Spring 2020

The latest AAMVA survey data on junk and salvage vehicles

Crossword – Spring 2020

See if you can solve this issue’s puzzle

Q&A with Dr. Darrin Grondel

Highway safety leader shares a roadmap for a safer future

What’s in a Name?

AAMVA’s Salvage and junk Vehicles Best Practice aims to reduce variances in title branding across jurisdictions

Pulling Together

Amid the challenges and uncertainty of COVID-19, the AAMVA family will weather the storm together

Pick and Choose

Navigating the complex world of foreign reciprocity

Clearing a Safe Path

Highway safety professionals are continuously trying to improve practices for Traffic Incident Management

Crossword – Winter 2020

See if you can solve this issue’s puzzle

Dashboard: Winter 2020

The latest AAMVA survey data on REAL ID

Validating Vitals

Electronic verification of vital records streamlines identity verification process


Findings on autonomous vehicle collision in Arizona in 2018

Bright Future

AAMVA and jurisdictions across North America are upgrading from outdated data storage systems to cloud-based technology

Be Careful with Convenience

Buyers and sellers alike need to pay close attention to the details of internet vehicle sales

Remembering Mike Calvin

Celebrating a lifetime of service and dedication to highway safety

A Wealth of Knowledge

AAMVA’s portfolio is as diverse as its membership

Awarding Efficiency

A cloud computing partnership between Florida and Oracle receives recognition from AAMVA

Right on Queue

Technology upgrades allow for the Rhode Island DMV to decrease wait times for customers

Buying Smarter

Best practices for the regulation of internet vehicle sales

Digital Vigilance

Managing the capability and convenience of technology while instilling human controls and conscience

AAMVA Hosts Inaugural NMVTIS State Users Workshop

AAMVA held its first ever NMVTIS State Users Workshop in Tampa, Florida last week. There were 157 participants from 48 jurisdictions in attendance. Georgia Stee…

AAMVA Attends 2020 Washington Auto Show

AAMVA returned this year as a strategic partner to the Washington Auto Show, where Ian Grossman facilitated a panel discussion on consumer awareness and educati…

Third Party Agent Working Group Meets in San Antonio

AAMVA’s Third Party Agent Working Group met in San Antonio, Texas from January 21-23. AAMVA will soon be publishing an interim report with a preview of the best…

The Cybersecurity Priority

Protecting customers’ personal data is a critical responsibility

More Joint Training

Joanne Thomka, director of National Traffic Law Center at the National District Attorneys Association

Nothing to Hide

Crossroads exclusive with The Honorable Gary A. Graber, Town Justice, Darien, New York

Q&A with Philippe Guiot

2019 AAMVA Chair’s Award of Excellence recipient

Direct Connection

Creating successful partnerships with courts requires open communication

On the Clock Impairment

New training for maintaining a drug- and alcohol-free workplace

Dashboard: Fall 2019

The latest AAMVA survey data on vehicle registration & titling

While You Are Waiting

The New York DMV’s three-decade partnership with MVN has allowed for extensive modernization

Partnering for Convenience

Nevada DMV and Justice Court partnership offers one-stop services for drivers with suspended licenses

Working Hard, Doing Good

Highlights from AAMVA’s 2019 Annual International Conference

Proactive Response

Meeting customer expectations while maintaining personal data security

Musings: Fall 2019

AAMVA members’ comments about the 2019 Annual International Conference

Crossword – Fall 2019

See if you can solve this issue’s puzzle

AAMVA Attends Northeast Transporation Safety Conference

Ian Grossman was the closing keynote speaker at the Northeast Transporation Safety Conference in Burlington, VT.  Speaking to 200 safety practitioners from the…

AAMVA Attends WSP SAF and FOB Meetings

On October 31, 2019, AAMVA Director of Law Enforcement Brian Ursino attended the Washington State Patrol Strategic Advancement Forum (SAF) accountability meetin…

AAMVA Visits Jurisdictions in the Northeast

AAMVA visited several jurisdictions in the northeast recently including Vermont, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Meetings,…

Region 3 Conference Wraps Up

From October 22-24, AAMVA hosted the Region 3 Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During the conference, members had the opportunity to network and attend sessi…

AAMVA Presents at EUCARIS General Assembly

AAMVA CIO and VP of Information Technology Philippe Guiot presented at the EUCARIS General Assembly in Bunratty, Ireland. EUCARIS, the EUropean CAR and driving…

AAMVA Hosts Annual CDL Examiner Update Classes

AAMVA conducted two Commercial Driver Licensing (CDL) Examiner Update Classes at Pinellas Technical College in St. Petersburg, Florida, during the week of Septe…

Q&A with Whitney Brewster

Incoming AAMVA Chair of the Board shares her objectives for the future of the association

Crossword – Summer 2019

See if you can solve this issue’s puzzle

With Gratitude

Outgoing and Incoming Board Chairs express their pleasure to serve

Unsure About Assistance

Motor vehicle experts are navigating the consequences of new safety technologies

Ready, Set, Go!

Continuing to guide and serve

Next-Level Service

How motor vehicle agencies are adapting to meet growing customer expectations

Safety Assist

Driver examiners and motorists alike must understand all vehicle capabilities to ensure proper evaluation

Law Enforcement Guide for Non-U.S. Driver Licenses

Updated AAMVA guide details procedures when encountering drivers with international documents

Transportation Evolution

Electric dockless scooters whitepaper

Customer Service Survey Results

Highlights from the latest AAMVA survey data

Customer Service Challenges

What customer service challenges has your jurisdiction faced, and how did you successfully address them?

Future Transactions

West Virginia DMV partners with Celtic Systems on innovative cash register system

Cool Customer Service

Increased efficiency and positive feedback nets Nebraska DMV 2019 Customer Convenience Award for Region 3

Crossword – May 2019

See if you can solve this month’s AAMVA puzzle

Internet Vehicle Sales

Highlights from the latest jurisdiction survey data

Frontline Detectives

You see, but do you observe?

Tangled Web

While buying vehicles online may be convenient, new challenges arise

Q&A with Georgia DDS Commissioner Moore

First graduate of the AAMVA Leadership Academy to serve on the board of directors

Clues to a Ruse

A sneak peak at some of the topics AAMVA’s Internet Vehicle Sales Working Group is discussing

Accelerating Change

AAMVA Working Group tackles the issues and challenges of regulating online vehicle sales

Highway Heroes

A coordinated alliance in the battle against human trafficking

Vital Intelligence

Texas Department of Public Safety educates public servants on protocols for suspicion of human trafficking

Ignition Interlock Guidance and Education

AAMVA releases updated best practices guide and law enforcement training video

New Inspection Tech

Vermont DMV partners with Parsons to bring safety and emissions inspections into the digital age

Synergy and Ingenuity

Building networks takes time and practice, but they are forces of good

Checking in with the Chair

Rhonda Lahm, Director of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

The Week in Review

AAMVA News – March 11, 2019

Vilfredo’s Harvest

Analyzing patterns of behavior to identify and solve issues

Suspension Status

Rethinking the approach to license suspensions as behavior incentives

Q&A with Heidi King

NHTSA Deputy Administrator discusses the importance of openness and collaboration

Suspended Future

Linking non-highway safety offenses to license suspension burdens government agencies and, in particular, young drivers

Drivers of Success

Women leaders in transportation and their varied paths to chief executive positions

License Suspension and Revocation

Highlights from the latest jurisdiction survey data

Real ID Advice

How have you communicated about Real ID implementation to the public in your jurisdiction?

Flexible by Design

Business Information Systems develops a unique digital ecosystem for Tennessee

Refocused Resources

Washington State follows AAMVA’s guidance on non-highway safety license suspensions

Guiding My Path

Challenging stereotypes and unconscious bias

Crossword – March 2019

See if you can solve this month’s AAMVA puzzle

Save the Space

California DMV investigators team up with public relations to tackle disability placard misuse

Skip the Trip

Citizen-centric website design offers Arkansans easy access to new online services

Impeding Impairment

Ignition interlock devices save lives, but so does proper record keeping

We’re Moving, Are You?

Continuous improvement initiatives

Disability Placards

Highlights from the latest jurisdiction survey data

Meeting of Minds

Highlights from the 2018 Annual International Conference

Human Touch

Positive government service through compassion

Crossword – November 2018

See if you can solve this month’s AAMVA puzzle

Checking In With The Chair

Rhonda Lahm, Director of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

Gaming the System

Working to reduce the fraudulent use of disability placards and plates

Loaded and Locked

The recently released Ignition Interlock Program Best Practices Guide tackles reciprocity in a comprehensive update

First AIC

How was your first AIC experience?

Q&A with Raymond Martinez

FMCSA Administrator shares insights on leadership in public service

Hello, I Must Be Going

Words of wisdom from the outgoing and incoming chairs

Road to Zero Initiatives

From DUI Task Forces and traffic data analysis to youth outreach and public awareness efforts, progress is being made

Q&A with Rhonda Lahm

Nebraska DMV Director & 2018-2019 Chair of the Board Reflects on Her 38 Years as a Public Employee

The Match Game

It takes more than a swipe to ignite a successful vendor partnership; it takes a plan

Road to Recovery

In times of crisis, AAMVA members deliver safety, security and support

Synergies of Scale

Canada’s four Atlantic provinces, in partnership with Gemalto, move to central issuance and highly secure IDs

Favorite Summer Road Trip

What was your favorite summer road trip?

ID of the Storm

The Georgia Department of Driver Services’ new mobile emergency licensing unit

Seats at the Table

By the members, for the members

Online Driver Services

Highlights from the latest jurisdiction survey data

Role Models

Young driver safety is a shared responsibility

Crossword – August 2018

See if you can solve this month’s AAMVA puzzle.

Crossword – May 2018

See if you can solve this month’s AAMVA puzzle

Driver Training and Education

A look at leadership development and employee training in the jurisdictions

The Next Generation

Perspectives on driver education and preparing novice drivers preparation through partnerships

It’s Screen Time

The development and standardization of mobile driver’s license technology promises a new era of security, privacy, safety and convenience

Title Tales

Consumers are tapping into title data—as designed

Serve Yourself

The Indiana BMV’s new Self-Service Office is a template for the future of motor vehicle customer service

Lessons Learned

What lessons did you learn at AAMVA’s 2018 Workshop & Law Institute?

Experts on Call

The SGI “Ask an Examiner” program connects driver examiners with drivers

Eyes on the Road

Driver education provides the foundation for safe driving practices

Musings – Mobile Driver’s Licenses

  December 2015 What are the potential challenges and/or successes with implementing mobile driver’s license (mDL) technology?     GLENN JACKSON…