What brought you to the 2023 Annual International Conference?

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Christopher Dina, District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles

“Honestly, I’m impressed. The vendors have really wowed me. They’re really ahead of the game, talking about some of the trends, some of the best practices, before we’ve even gotten there. It’s like a family reunion where you really get to meet your family from different states but you’re all together and catching up on past times. I think that’s the closest thing I can compare it to—it’s a family reunion.”

Rob Desjardins, Ontario, Serco Canada Inc.

“We’re coming out to take a look at innovations primarily and figure out what’s going on across North America and figure out how we can improve our jurisdiction to make road user safety a lot better. I think the exhibition hall is fantastic—going through and meeting all kinds of people, meeting a few Canadians, it’s always good to meet people with good products from the great North.”

Jaclyn McDuffey, Service Oklahoma

“The Service Oklahoma team is here to network, to learn a little bit more about new innovations, to meet new people in our space and just learn more about what’s happening in our industry. I think we’ll be taking back a lot of new innovations that have come out especially in the last year, so we’ve spoken to a lot of interesting vendors and got to learn about a lot of things that we could potentially implement in our state to make things better.”

Eric Jorgensen, Arizona Motor Vehicle Division

“AIC is the biggest opportunity for us to get together and share a little bit of joint misery, a little bit of joint success, and a lot of getting together and collaborating on how we solve problems moving into the future between different jurisdictions, between us and industry, and get a real feel for what’s possible—what’s the future look like.”

Rhonda Lahm, Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

“It’s a place where we get new information and learn from our colleagues. It’s also a really important networking event where we get to see the people who are our peers in other jurisdictions across North America, learn from their challenges and what can help with ours.”

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