Drunk Driving and Ignition Interlock

There are several surveys related to ignition interlock and the fight against drunk driving

Behind the Wheel

Q&A with Richard Fambro and Larry Boivin, both Lifetime Achievement Winners

Under Lock & Key

We asked four industry leaders for their take on the value of interlocks and the current fight against drunk driving in the United States

Breaking Records

This year’s Annual International Conference had the highest attendance to date


What brought you to the 2023 Annual International Conference?


Bridging the Digital Divide: How to Serve Everyone, Everywhere

Is your modernization journey leaving any customers behind?

Celebrating a Career in Service

AAMVA recognizes outgoing President & CEO Anne Ferro with the Chair’s Award of Excellence

Supporting Road Safety: Tips to Implement S2S DHR in Your Agency

S2S DHR gives states a seamless, electronic means of exchanging driver histories and other important information. Get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to successfully launch the program in your agency.