Using NMVTIS to Protect Consumers from Flood Cars 

Particularly for purchases from private individual or online sales, NMVTIS is a great way for consumers to protect themselves.

Stop Scammers, Stop Fraud

AAMVA’s Deterrence and Detection of Fraud Best Practices, Edition 2 can help jurisdictions combat criminal activity

Knowledge Is Power

North Carolina DMV works with idemia to educate retailers, law enforcement on fraudulent IDs

A New Frontier of Fraud

Online DMV services open new opportunities for fraud

Eyes on Fraud

Here are the most recent surveys related to fraud deterrence and detection

Accelerating Change

AAMVA Working Group tackles the issues and challenges of regulating online vehicle sales

Clues to a Ruse

A sneak peak at some of the topics AAMVA’s Internet Vehicle Sales Working Group is discussing

Tangled Web

While buying vehicles online may be convenient, new challenges arise

Gaming the System

Working to reduce the fraudulent use of disability placards and plates

Title Tales

Consumers are tapping into title data—as designed