Real-Time Resolutions

Wisconsin’s Traffic Violation and Registration Program gains efficiencies from going digital

Right on Queue

Technology upgrades allow for the Rhode Island DMV to decrease wait times for customers

Awarding Efficiency

A cloud computing partnership between Florida and Oracle receives recognition from AAMVA

Bright Future

AAMVA and jurisdictions across North America are upgrading from outdated data storage systems to cloud-based technology

Validating Vitals

Electronic verification of vital records streamlines identity verification process

Q&A with Philippe Guiot

2019 AAMVA Chair’s Award of Excellence recipient

While You Are Waiting

The New York DMV’s three-decade partnership with MVN has allowed for extensive modernization

Future Transactions

West Virginia DMV partners with Celtic Systems on innovative cash register system

Cool Customer Service

Increased efficiency and positive feedback nets Nebraska DMV 2019 Customer Convenience Award for Region 3

Flexible by Design

Business Information Systems develops a unique digital ecosystem for Tennessee