Awarding Efficiency

Awarding Efficiency

A cloud computing partnership between Florida and Oracle receives recognition from AAMVA

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Over the past decade, “cloud computing” has evolved from a buzzword hinting at a future of increased technological capability to a booming industry with multiple providers and implications for many businesses, from logistics to content streaming to motor vehicles. Recently, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) partnered with Oracle and implemented its Field Service Cloud System, which garnered them AAMVA’s 2019 Region 2 Innovative Use of Technology Award.

Oracle’s technology is used in the FLHSMV’s Bureau of Dealer Services to aid in the licensure and regulation of motor vehicle dealers. From the macro point of view, the system “optimizes the department’s use of existing staff, while streamlining the dealer inspection process through the use of electronically submitted inspection forms and documents,” says Palmer Brand, program manager of Dealer Services at FLHSMV.

So, what does this mean for FLHSMV employees and consumers in Florida? Brand explains that the technology has greatly improved efficiency and the customer experience. Moving from a physical document-based process to allowing for electronic capture of inspection data, field task tracking, scheduling and reporting has made a big difference.

“It has allowed the department to convert from a manual, paper document-based inspection program to a web-based program where inspection forms and documents can be submitted in real-time from the field,” Brand says. “By equipping FLHSMV employees with a modernized method to effectively submit documents, licensed motor vehicle dealers have experienced reduced application processing time. It also enhances the department’s ability to protect consumers by ensuring that licensed motor vehicle dealers are properly regulated.”

The program has been a success for the FLHSMV, vehicle dealers and consumers. In addition to the power of the cloud technology, Brand also points to their strong program implementation process with Oracle as a reason the program has seen success and was recognized by AAMVA. “With the launch of any new system, process or technology, there are always some bugs to work through,” says Brand. “With an aggressive development, testing and launch schedule, there were some initial issues with field connectivity and staff tracking, but it was all ironed out with the statewide rollout of the program.”

Reflecting on the Innovative Use of Technology Award from AAMVA, Brand says he was proud to receive this recognition for the effort his team puts into being leaders in the use of innovative technology to achieve their ultimate goal: providing “optimal customer service to the citizens of Florida.” Looking ahead, the department doesn’t currently have any specific plans to utilize Oracle’s Field Service Cloud System or other similar technologies in different ways. However, Brand says the department is continuing to monitor the outcomes of the system to look for opportunities in the future to better serve clients and employees.

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