A Safer, More Inclusive Future

Reflecting the communities we serve

Building Inclusion and Equity

Agencies assess programs to improve their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts

Obstacles Become Opportunities

Working together will help advance the industry

Unprecedented Adaptations

Motor vehicle administrations and law enforcement respond to the COVID-19 pandemic

Customer Service…From Six Feet Away

How vendors that support the driver services industry are reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic

Direct Connection

Creating successful partnerships with courts requires open communication

On the Clock Impairment

New training for maintaining a drug- and alcohol-free workplace

While You Are Waiting

The New York DMV’s three-decade partnership with MVN has allowed for extensive modernization

Partnering for Convenience

Nevada DMV and Justice Court partnership offers one-stop services for drivers with suspended licenses

Unsure About Assistance

Motor vehicle experts are navigating the consequences of new safety technologies