Get in Gear

AAMVA releases new resources for training new drivers for the road ahead

Bridging the Communications Gap

Motor vehicle offices use a variety of tools to communicate with drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing

Prepared for Danger Ahead

AAMVA’s Emergency Resiliency and Response working group is creating a framework to keep your business operating when an emergency strikes

Standards Gone Mobile

The infrastructure to support mobile driver’s licenses is coming

CDL Testing Gets a Refresh

New technology safety features on commercial vehicles have prompted upgrades to the CDL testing model

Blueprint for the Future

How innovations in new driver testing are challenging old programs

Joining Forces

Forming relevant partnerships can help motor vehicle administrators and highway safety offices accomplish more by sharing the workload, resources—and the results

How To Fill the Funding Tank

States plan for the future of highway funding

Building Inclusion and Equity

Agencies assess programs to improve their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts

A New Frontier of Fraud

Online DMV services open new opportunities for fraud