Is Highway Safety Sick?

COVID-weary jurisdictions grapple with a secondary pandemic: dangerous driving

Keeping Track

Update to S2S Verification Service allows DMVs to share and access current driver history records

What Lies Ahead

AAMVA partners with industry experts to detail where DMV operations are headed in the future

An Intelligent Solution

How DMVs are using artificial intelligence to improve service

Partners for the Journey

Jurisdictions find success working with third-party agents

Information Handoff

AAMVA releases new best practice guide for administering third-party agents

Building Momentum

How motor vehicle administrators handle the challenging task of change management within their departments

Remote Control

DMV employees are adapting to digital operations while keeping communication and efficiency top of mind

Unprecedented Adaptations

Motor vehicle administrations and law enforcement respond to the COVID-19 pandemic

Pick and Choose

Navigating the complex world of foreign reciprocity