Deep Fakes

Phony licenses have become big business for counterfeiters. Here’s what DMVs can do to secure licenses and owners’ true identities 

Fighting Fraud

AAMVA’s many verification and information sharing systems provide a safety net to catch fraud in the act

Stepping Up To the Plate

From digital plates to vinyl wraps, alternative license plates present potential advantages and challenges

A Turning Point

A look at the current fight against drunk driving and the future of ignition interlocks

Data Transfer

How the Driver History Record functionality is keeping the roads safer

It’s All In Hand

New technologies are helping DMV contact centers operate more efficiently and provide better quality service to customers

Pick and Choose

Online car sales are here to stay. What does this new reality mean for regulators and DMVs?

Handing Over the Keys

As more automated vehicles hit the road, motor vehicle administrators must prepare for the challenges and opportunities they present.

The Shrinking Globe

Partnerships with international stakeholders have never been more important. Here’s why.

Building a Framework for the Future

With the new Strategic Framework, AAMVA is prepared to meet the needs of the entire AAMVA membership family.