AAMVA members discuss what the organization will look like at 100

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We asked AAMVA members, “2023 marks AAMVA’s 90th anniversary. As we celebrate our 90th birthday, what do you think the AAMVA Community will look like when we hit 100?”

Eric Jorgensen, Director, Arizona Motor Vehicle Division and Second Vice Chair, AAMVA International Board of Directors

“As AAMVA turns 100 in the next 10 years, I see the AAMVA community continuing to embrace our role in digital identity and that becoming a core part of what we do on a daily basis. I expect that digital identity solutions and the opportunities they open to our citizens will create demand for new and previously unimagined services based on our unique ability to verify customer identity. As a technology hub for the jurisdictions, new tools to support interoperable, secure and private identity solutions will become a major part of the AAMVA technology portfolio.”

Rhonda Lahm, Director, Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles and Treasurer, AAMVA International Board of Directors

“As AAMVA marks its 100th birthday in 10 years, I would expect to see a continuation of the deployment of technology to better serve our customers, however at a much faster pace. The use of remote services will continue to increase, and the need to refine the tools to prevent and deter fraud will become even more critical. The use of biometrics will be increasingly more common, and the continued deployment of digital identity solutions will be widespread. As the push continues to do more with less in government, combined services with other government agencies and public and private partnerships will become more common.”

Spencer Moore, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Driver Services and First Vice Chair, AAMVA International Board of Directors

“The AAMVA Community will continue to thrive with technology and innovation into its 100th Anniversary! I believe every jurisdiction member has realized that utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovation is the key to efficient and secure services for our customers. AAMVA will continue to be the best resource for driver and motor vehicle information as well as collaboration. Whether it’s Artificial Intelligence (AI), driverless vehicles, mDL or the next innovative idea, AAMVA will continue to take its membership along for the ride.”

Cathie Curtis, Deputy Secretary of State, Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Member, AAMVA International Board of Directors

“Over the next 10 years, MVAs will need to meet the customer where they are—online and on their phones any time of day or night, instead of expecting the customer to make an in-person visit to the MVA office during traditional business hours. Computer systems, websites and contact centers will need to provide simple yet personalized interactions and transactions to support the elimination of paper-based transactions. Modernizing systems and updating security will continue to be fundamental. There shouldn’t be a beginning and an end to modernizing a system; it needs to be ongoing and constantly evolving. MVAs will need to make an investment in employees today to ensure they have the skills to provide modernized customer services and not the traditional manual clerical processes that will be automated. This will require updated job specifications and new employee expectations, which will lead to a higher skilled workforce and most likely higher salaries that will impact budgets. This transformation will require leaders to be committed to prepare and steer the MVAs into the next decade.”

Julie Butler, Director, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and Member, AAMVA International Board of Directors

“I envision the AAMVA Community making huge leaps in technology over the next 10 years. The Digital Trust Service will have been successfully established, and use of mDL/mID solutions will have gained a solid footing and acceptance in several jurisdictions, if not nationwide. More states will have implemented virtual field offices, with increasing numbers of the public taking advantage of the convenience of not having to do face-to-face transactions. DMVs will be leaner in staffing, yet better able to respond to customer, legislative and regulatory demands as many will have transitioned from their legacy platforms to cloud-based solutions. As always, AAMVA will be there every step of the way, providing excellent thought leadership, advocacy and IT solutions for the membership.”

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