AAMVA members discuss what the organization will look like at 100

The Shrinking Globe

Partnerships with international stakeholders have never been more important. Here’s why.

Building a Framework for the Future

With the new Strategic Framework, AAMVA is prepared to meet the needs of the entire AAMVA membership family.

Q&A with Servi Beckers

MOVE spoke with Servi Beckers, Director, Corporate Strategy & External Developments, Chairman, EReg, the Association of European Vehicle and Driver Registration Authorities

The Road Ahead

Two experts provide perspectives on AAMVA’s 90th anniversary and where the safety community is headed as we move toward our 100th anniversary

It’s a Small World After All

Connecting across the globe

Path to the Future

Together, we move forward

Out of Sight

AAMVA’s License Plate Verification Program allows Jurisdictions to send in up to four free plates each year to test for readability

Better Online Than In Line

Innovations in online queuing offer a streamlined experience