Welcome to the New AAMVA Website

Welcome to the New AAMVA Website

To make all of that content easier to find and digest, we created our brand-new Search Explorer

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The newly redesigned AAMVA website is now available for you to explore. We have created a site that is clean, organized, easy to navigate, responsive and mobile-friendly. After culling through our numerous resources, we curated the most up-to-date, relevant items, organized into five program disciplines: drivers, vehicles, law enforcement and two new disciplines, identity and operations. This website was designed to make finding content, making connections and getting support easier.

We identified more than 50 primary topics where we have the most information and content within five main program disciplines, with integrated content coming from all of our various platforms, including MOVE magazine, videos, newsletters and podcast episodes—so now you can find everything we offer in one convenient place.

To make all of that content easier to find and digest, we created our brand-new Search Explorer.

This new feature is more than just a keyword search. You can now use filters to customize and refine your search using several facets, including resource type, topic, discipline, content category, application system and geography. Narrow your search by even more detailed sub-filters to get to the exact information you are interested in. Providing our members with the most up-to-date, relevant information is critical to achieving our mission of Safe Drivers, Safe Vehicles, Secure Identities, Saving Lives.

Watch the Search Explorer in action in our tutorial video available at aamva.org/welcome-to-our-new-website and on our YouTube Channel tinyurl.com/SearchExplorer.

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