Changing the Game

Technology allows motor vehicle agencies to rethink their core services

Closing the Gap

Connecting great policies with actualized outcomes

Q&A with Tammi Popp

Newly retired Director of Program Management, Driver and Vehicle Services at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and chair of the International Registration Plan

The Road Ahead

CDL testing is set to receive its first updates in about two decades. What is behind these changes and how will they impact the industry?

Crossword – 2022 Issue 2

Dyed Fuel Detection and Prevention

A new document from AAMVA provides best practices for detecting and deterring dyed fuel fraud

Modernizing Insurance Verification

How Illinois worked with MV Solutions to digitize its insurance verification system

Drivers Wanted

How a bus driver shortage amid the COVID-19 pandemic led to a new virtual training program in North Carolina

Driver Testing

These surveys focus on non-commercial driver testing

Welcome to the New AAMVA Website

To make all of that content easier to find and digest, we created our brand-new Search Explorer