Changing the Game

Changing the Game

Technology allows motor vehicle agencies to rethink their core services

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Although we are all hopeful that the days of the COVID-19 pandemic are in the rear-view mirror, the lessons learned and opportunities provided continue to move us forward. Despite the challenges, motor vehicle agencies remained busy and operational—reacting to the pandemic and adjusting the implementation of already-scheduled initiatives.

In this issue of MOVE, you heard about how the pandemic forced motor vehicle agencies to rethink what they traditionally require customers to do in person—in this case, new driver testing. Relying on the support and oversight of parents and guardians to administer the written test, as well as attest to a new driver’s competence and practice, many jurisdictions found themselves implementing new procedures—and reaping some benefits. Technology allows motor vehicle agencies to think differently about our core services, even allowing new drivers to take the knowledge test from the comfort and safety of a place of their choosing. We all continue to reevaluate where else within our agencies we can adjust policies and procedures to give our customers more options and I look forward to the creativity we have seen over the last few years continuing.

Having launched the CDL Testing System Modernization Initiative in 2016, AAMVA found itself having to pilot the new model in the middle of the pandemic. The three pilot states—New Hampshire, Maryland and Virginia—implemented a new model test focused on safety. Especially with more commercial vehicles being equipped with advanced safety features, it is time to rethink about how we provide this critical function. These field test results are being submitted to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for review. We are hopeful that the test will be expanded to other jurisdictions soon.

I am excited to see how all jurisdictions will use technology in ways that benefit their customers and know that improvements in technology will continue to affect the way we do business. While these enhancements are exciting, it is always important to remember that people are the ones who make things happen, especially in our business. Technology provides us a tool for delivering stellar customer service, but it is only with the great ideas, hard work and dedication of our teams that we can make it happen.

Stay safe.

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