Safer Together

Safer Together

When we communicate and work together, we collectively move forward

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As a community, we have witnessed positive changes in vehicle safety features, roadway design and licensing programs. But we know that driver safety starts with quality education. While there are a variety of jurisdiction-specific laws and rules of the road, most noncommercial driver education topics are universally shared.

This issue of MOVE highlights the updated resources available to help jurisdictions prepare our new drivers to be safe drivers.

With the August 2022 release of AAMVA’s (Updated) Model Driver’s License Manual, we have a modern and thorough base to build from in our work supporting novice drivers. This updated resource is designed to be used as a template for preparing or improving our own jurisdiction’s manuals. In addition to prompts on inserting jurisdiction-specific requirements and license types, the manual addresses driver readiness, vehicle safety, basic driving techniques, rules of the road, safe driving tips, sharing the road and being prepared to respond to special driving situations. A new feature in this updated version includes information on the safe loading and towing of trailers, thanks to input from our associate members.

Beyond the manual, once new drivers are behind the wheel, we can’t overlook another important part of the education process that comes from our enforcement partners. AAMVA’s updated “What to Do and Expect When Pulled Over by Law Enforcement” video and informational resources are excellent tools for jurisdictions to share internally and externally with your broader community. Being stopped can be stressful but remaining calm and understanding how best to handle your vehicle and the interaction can help to ensure a safe experience for everyone. I appreciate the collaboration between AAMVA members and national law enforcement organizations to develop this valuable guidance.

These new resources are just two examples of the work accomplished over the last year by AAMVA’s Standing Committees. AAMVA Committees and working groups do such a great job prioritizing the research and resources most needed within our community. If you have any questions about the other work accomplished, videos have been released detailing their work over the past year. Check out the newly designed AAMVA website or AAMVA’s YouTube channel to view.

As the new AAMVA Board Chair, in many ways I feel like a rookie driver. I’m exploring new circumstances, discovering new challenges and always on the lookout for a thoughtful how-to manual or video. Even after 15 years of being involved with AAMVA, there’s always more to learn in this evolving public service industry.

One of my favorite Maya Angelou quotes is, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Whether it is improving service for our customers or implementing new programs and educational resources to fulfill the shared AAMVA vision, when we communicate and work together—we collectively move forward. We do better.

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