Accept the Gift of Lessons Offered

Leaders shared their journeys at AIC 2022

Crime & Punishment

AAMVA released a new white paper outlining how jurisdictions can improve their partnerships with prosecutors

Keeping Trailering Safe

U-Haul updates its Safe Trailering Driver Education Program as trailer rentals surge during the pandemic

A Helping Hand

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the MDOT MVA provided documentation for dozens of people experiencing homelessness

Breaking Records in Baltimore

This year’s AIC provided a wealth of information for attendees to take back home

Get in Gear

AAMVA releases new resources for training new drivers for the road ahead

Lowering Communication Barriers

Two experts discuss the practices implemented to better serve patrons who are deaf or hard of hearing

Crossword – 2022 Issue 4

Driver Education and Training

These surveys focus on customer service and service delivery options

Bridging the Communications Gap

Motor vehicle offices use a variety of tools to communicate with drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing