Driver Testing

Driver Testing

These surveys focus on non-commercial driver testing

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These surveys focus on non-commercial driver testing. All surveys have additional questions that provide more information. Full details can be found at:

Non-commercial driver testing practices
[32 responses]

Did your jurisdiction change its non-commercial testing practices during COVID?

Only the knowledge test: 0
Only the skills test: 12
Both knowledge & skills test: 7
Neither: 13

Online Knowledge Testing – Proctor
[33 responses]

Does your jurisdiction provide the non-commercial driver knowledge test online?

Yes: 11
No: 22

Is a proctor required to administer the knowledge test online?

Proctor required for applicants under the age of 18: 6
Proctor required for all applicants: 4
Proctor not required: 1

If a proctor is required, do they need to hold a valid credential from your jurisdiction?

Yes: 4
No: 7

Testing & Materials in Other Languages
[32 responses]

Does your jurisdiction offer the driver knowledge test in languages other than English?

Yes: 30
No: 2

Does your jurisdiction offer the knowledge test in different dialects of the same language?

Yes: 2
No: 30

Advanced Driver Systems and Education
[28 responses]

Does your state include Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) information in your Driver’s Licensing Manual?

Yes: 4
No: 24

Does your state include ADAS questions on the Knowledge test?

Yes: 0
No: 28

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