Vehicle Titling

Vehicle Titling

Here are the most recent surveys that focus on vehicle titling

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These surveys focus on vehicle titling. All surveys have additional questions that provide more information. Full details can be found at:

[35 responses]
Instant Titles

Does your jurisdiction allow the printing of an instant title for customers as they conduct business at your facility? Whereas they apply for a title/replacement title, a title is printed, and the customer walks out of the facility with a title in their hand.

Yes: 21
No: 12
No response provided: 2

Is this allowed because of statute, or established practice/procedure in your jurisdiction?

Statute:  9
Practice/procedure: 11
No response provided: 1

Which title types do you allow to be printed instantly? Please check all that apply.

Replacement: 21
Rebuilt: 13
Salvage: 15
Title transfers: 17
Dealer requests: 16

[33 responses]
Electronic Lien & Title

Does your jurisdiction have an ELT program?

Yes: 15
No: 18

Does your jurisdiction utilize a Help Desk for any issues regarding ELT?

Yes: 12
No: 2
No response provided: 1

[29 responses]
Title Corrections

If a jurisdiction issues a title, then the customer takes that title to another jurisdiction, and that jurisdiction finds an error on the title (VIN, make, year incorrect, etc.), do you require the title to be returned, prior to completion, to the issuing jurisdiction for correction?

Yes: 20
No: 9

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