Musings: 2021 Issue 4

Musings: 2021 Issue 4

AAMVA members had a lot to say about the 2021 Virtual Annual International Conference!

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Here are just a few thoughts from our 2021 AIC attendees, submitted anonymously via the post-event survey:

“AIC was extremely well done. The AAMVA team pivoted from in-person to virtual exceptionally well. Our team loved the virtual format because it provided an opportunity for team members who could not attend in person due to budget to benefit from the conference.”

100% of survey respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that the sessions and presenters were informative and engaging.

“One of my favorite sessions was the E-title Working Group Update, due to the interactive nature, as well as being able to provide feedback on topics and, hopefully, help drive the direction of the working group.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to attend the conference virtually. Kudos to all involved for doing an excellent job with content and infrastructure. I know everyone is [eager] for in-person meetings, but there are significant benefits to virtual gatherings.”

100% of survey respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that the Virtual AIC platform was easy to use and effective.

“I appreciate the opportunity for discussion and exposure to other jurisdictions’ experiences. There is always something different [to learn about].”

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