Musings: Fall 2019

Musings: Fall 2019

Musings: Fall 2019

AAMVA members’ comments about the 2019 Annual International Conference

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Here are just a few thoughts from AIC 2019 attendees, submitted anonymously via the post-event survey:

“I have been to numerous AAMVA conferences and I found the content of this conference to be excellent and on point with relevant topics for my job.”

“I met many socially engaging participants. This was my first conference. I’ve been in the business for 35 years and I feel energized about the information obtained. Thank you.”

“The Future of Physical Document Security was the best session I have attended at any AAMVA conference or workshop.”

“Great job! Looking forward to more discussion about administrative policy surrounding mDL. Tech is on track — need to better develop and understand customer and industry adoption practices, techniques, and administrative record best practices.”

“I was able to make new relationships that will allow me to take back valuable information that I can pass on to my peers. The topics were relevant to what we are dealing with in my agency. Great conference and I am hopeful that someone from my agency will be attending the 2020 conference in Austin.”

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