A Wealth of Knowledge

A Wealth of Knowledge

AAMVA’s portfolio is as diverse as its membership

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During my first few months as chair of the Board of Directors, I have really come to appreciate the distinct flavors of each region. And I’m not just talking about the scrumptious cheese curds I sampled in Wisconsin or the mouthwatering clam chowder I tried in Rhode Island. (But I highly recommend both!)

Each region has its own issues and priorities. For example, in Region 1, there have been many discussions about tolling. Region 2 has discussed how to handle customers entering motor vehicle facilities with firearms. Region 3 covered the increase in internet vehicle sales and how to manage those transactions. And Region 4 has seen an influx of imported and cloned vehicles that sparked some good discussions.

But, as different as each region is, there are also many issues that are consistent across North America, such as the upcoming REAL ID deadline, recall notifications, legalization of marijuana, cybersecurity, fraud detection, and the focus on serving customers efficiently and with dignity while considering issues related to gender identification.

And no matter where you are in North America, in this technology-driven world, your customers expect faster, higher quality service with instant results.

Through AAMVA conferences and surveys, we get a good look at the variety of issues that are out there across jurisdictions. The hot topics in the motor vehicle industry in your community today may not be top-of-mind in other areas. But just like public opinion and politics, issues and priorities can change rapidly. So, those challenges that only happen somewhere else may be on your doorstep before you know it.

That’s what makes our organization so valuable. AAMVA is as diverse as its jurisdictions and is here to help facilitate the exchange of information and the sharing of knowledge among our members through the different IT systems and forums it hosts. The issues we address together can have a worldwide impact, such as AAMVA’s involvement in the standardization of mobile driver licenses and the need for interoperability, not just in North America but around the globe.

Perhaps your jurisdiction has only scratched the surface of what AAMVA has to offer. I have been involved with the organization for 12 years, and now as chair, I am gaining an even better appreciation of  AAMVA’s vast portfolio.

Whether it’s through meetings with the Department of Homeland Security about REAL ID requirements or working with stakeholders on the recently published Salvage and Junk Vehicle Best Practices, AAMVA is here to help you address both emerging and ongoing issues.

If there is a particular challenge you are facing, there is a good chance that there is an expert on this topic within AAMVA’s incredible staff or somewhere among AAMVA’s 69 member jurisdictions. So, don’t hesitate to tap into the extensive resources of this organization.

Through AAMVA’s conferences, roundtables, committees, working groups, training, webinars, surveys, Leadership Academy, New Administrators’ Orientation and more, the opportunities for learning and networking are endless.

Engagement with AMMVA helps us all do our jobs better. As chair, I will continue to listen, learn and share. I encourage you to do the same.

And if you want a taste of what’s happening in my region—Region 2—come on down for some authentic Texas barbecue!

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