The Final Curtain

The Final Curtain

After a decade of service to AAMVA, Anne Ferro takes a bow

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As I prepare to write my 34th and final CEO column for AAMVA’s MOVE Magazine, I find that I am amazed, curious and excited.

Amazed to experience AAMVA’s growth and in awe of the colleagues and board members I have been able to work side by side with over the decade. AAMVA has terrific employees, and I count myself beyond lucky to call this talented team my coworkers and friends. We have the benefit of an organization with a mission to serve our members in achieving their missions, and an inspiring vision of saving lives. For an organization with just 69 primary members—all states, provinces and territories in the United States and Canada—AAMVA’s member and staff engagement are dynamic and growing in member-focused initiatives, engagement at events and on committees and working groups, in leadership development and popup classrooms, in stakeholder support, and in use of community-specific IT applications and networks.

With leadership and vision from AAMVA’s international Board of Directors, the past decade has seen a 30% increase in our talented workforce and in our operating budget, now 220 and $60 million respectively. AAMVA’s investment in relevant and reliable IT applications and network has paved the way for AAMVA’s shift to secure cloud technology and 99.9% service level reliability in our 2 billion-plus transactions. Our conferences and events offer an incredibly rich opportunity for industry partners and government members to seek innovative solutions. I am amazed to look back and see how, together, we have expanded AAMVA’s value to jurisdiction leaders and staff, associate members, our federal partners and stakeholders, in the interest of services to residents across North America. We did that as a team and as a community with shared purpose.

Curious to know what comes next for AAMVA. Member agencies, stakeholders and consumers are bombarded with new technologies, opportunities, workforce expectations and events that are influencing when, how and where services and products are developed, offered and accessed. What steps can AAMVA take to be sure we are supporting members in the fullest and most sensible manner? How will the Digital Trust Service fulfill expectations to give jurisdictions an efficient and secure site to enable truly interoperable mDLs? Will digital identity providers fully grasp that DL/ID issuing agencies are the ultimate identification source for any identity verification solution? What will AAMVA’s role be in enabling electronic title processes across jurisdictions and industries? Will ADS/ADAS live up to the goal of reducing fatal and serious-injury crashes? My curiosity will inspire me to watch these developments closely and be laser-focused on AAMVA’s positive influence.

Excited for AAMVA and all that the future holds, and for me as I refocus my energy and passion on family, friends and community. AAMVA is a highly valued resource, made so by its members for its members. May the spirit of collaboration, friendship and ingenuity continue to propel you forward!

With deep gratitude, big hugs and a wide smile, I am signing off. Thank you!

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