Modernizing with Intention

Modernizing with Intention

How the Wyoming Department of Transportation and Mathtech are taking vehicle and driver licensing modernization to the next level

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Keeping customers’ evolving needs front and center, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) enlisted Mathtech, a strategy and consulting firm in Falls Church, Va., to create a framework that will help implement and modernize its primary computer systems, which support all vehicle and driver operations and supporting functions. Why? The current one is an aging mainframe system that insufficiently supports operations and is challenging to maintain.

“Customers expect a certain level of service and don’t understand that as government entities, sometimes the systems we use don’t adapt as quickly. However, we have a big desire to get there,” says Taylor Rossetti, support services administrator at WYDOT.

With the help of Mathtech, WYDOT created a vision for operations and a strategy to serve as a launchpad that will transform technologies and business processes—which they are currently working on implementing for the future. Mathtech’s approach began with WYDOT leadership to assess current challenges and create a plan to achieve its modernization goals and minimize risks for both WYDOT and its customers.

This was no overnight feat, however. Both teams knew the irony was that getting up to speed would take time. So before moving forward, the project needed vision sessions, stakeholder analyses, assessments across all departments and more.

“Patience is key,” Rossetti says. “A lot of us want to get out there, get things done and move on. This is not that type of project. The other thing is, you’re not the only stakeholder. It’s not just your system. The citizens and the legislature may have ideas they want, that you’ve got to listen to, and make sure you factor that in as you move forward.”

That patience paid off. After what felt like countless data management and analysis requirements, the future system vision defines high-level requirements that take different perspectives into account and better define the scope.

The vision includes:

  • 360-degree view of customer information
  • Full-featured WYDOT website
  • Better financial management and reporting
  • Effective enterprise reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Smart systems that enforce business rules
  • Elimination of paper
  • Engaging partners and customers for self-service
  • Full support for counties and law enforcement

“Dedicate resources to this project early to ensure that the proper people are involved in the correct roles. Because if you’re trying to move people around midway through, you lose that momentum,” says Misty Zimmerman, driver services deputy program manager at the WYDOT. “Ensure that your best and brightest are involved because that is the only way a jurisdiction can be successful. It doesn’t land on one person. It’s going to be multiple people engaged in the project.”

According to Steven Young, senior vice president at Mathtech, many DMVs know that system modernization is essential, but data modernization is another story.

This is why the modernization program was designed to help the WYDOT improve efficiency, customer service tools and options, and modernize how data is used to support operations and decision-making. Not to mention, with this new plan, the WYDOT has a set list of what they need to do before they can better invest resources while minimizing risk and quickly adapting to new legislation and industry requirements.

“A lot of government agencies find themselves frozen in time because they are using outdated technology. Because of that, they find it difficult to enhance the business processes,” Young says. “Our job is to help move them from being stuck in time with outdated systems—help them create a vision of where they want to be, and then help them achieve that vision.”

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