Here’s Your Queue: It’s Time to Optimize the Customer Journey

Here’s Your Queue: It’s Time to Optimize the Customer Journey

All customers want to feel that their time is valued. With the right approach, your agency can serve customers efficiently and get them back to their lives.

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Every year, millions of people flow into state offices to obtain or renew vehicle registration and driver licenses. They make appointments, prepare documents, take time off from work and wait in line. It’s often tiring, with a disconnect between each customer’s unique needs and the service provided.

People are usually more likely to leave negative reviews than positive—unless, of course, you give them the most positive experience they’ve ever had in a DMV. An office with modern customer flow management is like a well-oiled machine: It anticipates the customers’ needs and avoids potential speed bumps, ensuring there’s no reason customers can’t get what they need when they need it.

When agencies embrace purposeful techniques in their customer service management, they’re able to optimize each stage of the journey for greater efficiency in the next stage. They can eliminate a large amount of in-person visits, while improving service for customers who still come to the office.

Here’s what to prioritize to improve the customer experience and make life less stressful for motor vehicle agency staff:

  • Give customers the tools to drive their desired outcome. Self-service kiosks and online services empower customers to complete several transactions at home without having to travel to your office. Customers can book appointments and see wait times for the nearest office, from any device.
  • Maximize staff time. Streamline staff workflow and reduce manual work by enabling customers to self-serve and partially complete transactions before coming in. Increased notifications and customer touchpoints will also decrease no-shows.
  • Strategically use your resources. For example, when you automatically pair customers with the most appropriate staff member and appointment slot for their specific needs, you can prevent games of “musical chairs” and ensure you always provide direct value.

The Montana Motor Vehicle Division used these strategies with their mobile-based queuing tool, earning this customer review: “It was super easy to make my appointment! I am not tech savvy and I had zero issues!”

All customers want to feel that their time is valued. And when you eliminate inefficiencies for customers, it makes it easier for staff to get their work done.

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