First AIC

First AIC

How was your first AIC experience?

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Kecia Bivins, Division Director, Field Operations Division, Georgia Department of Driver Services

Although I’ve been active in AAMVA for several years, this was my first experience attending AIC. I returned to Atlanta with a wealth of information, relevant resources and a stronger network. It was comforting to interact with professionals who share the same passion about driver/highway safety. I have already reached out to D.C. regarding its award-winning “Don’t Renew Before It’s Due” Campaign. One of my favorite sessions was the Women in Highway Safety Leadership Panel. It was very inspiring to hear from amazing women who have overcome obstacles and prevailed. The panelists were very candid in discussing their professional journeys. I left that session with a renewed sense of determination and motivation. AIC was truly an immersive experience and I plan on attending next year’s conference!”

Wendy Doyle, Executive Director, Office of Traffic Safety, Alberta Transportation

This was my first AIC so didn’t really know what to expect. I thought the app was great. I used it the whole time. My favorite memory from AIC was the banquet. I thought it was really well done.

Stacey M. Chandlerm, Management Analyst II, Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles

This was my first AIC. The conference left me with a sense of community, teamwork and pride that was palpable. To be part of a network full of people striving to make our roads, drivers and vehicles safer is something I can wrap my heart around. As a relative newbie to the world of motor vehicles, it can, at times, feel overwhelming to find my place when I’m surrounded by so many people who’ve been in the industry for decades. I’m very fortunate to work for the best leader (Patty Morneault rocks!), but at times I still feel like the new kid on the block among my peers. This conference brought all the pieces of my past and present together for me and provided tons of resources to be successful going forward.

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