Automating Safety

AAMVA Automated Vehicles subcommittee provides technical assistance to North Carolina to help bring a clearer focus to the road ahead

Awarding Efficiency

A cloud computing partnership between Florida and Oracle receives recognition from AAMVA

Partnering for Convenience

Nevada DMV and Justice Court partnership offers one-stop services for drivers with suspended licenses

Cool Customer Service

Increased efficiency and positive feedback nets Nebraska DMV 2019 Customer Convenience Award for Region 3

Vital Intelligence

Texas Department of Public Safety educates public servants on protocols for suspicion of human trafficking

Refocused Resources

Washington State follows AAMVA’s guidance on non-highway safety license suspensions

Save the Space

California DMV investigators team up with public relations to tackle disability placard misuse

ID of the Storm

The Georgia Department of Driver Services’ new mobile emergency licensing unit

Experts on Call

The SGI “Ask an Examiner” program connects driver examiners with drivers