System Success

Special Agent Randy Belasic shuts down title fraud using NMVTIS and wins an AAMVA award 

Stepping Up

New President and CEO Ian Grossman moves into leadership role at AAMVA

One Record, One Mission

Three AAMVA members share their thoughts on the importance and value of timely, accurate driver records and why that matters for driver safety

Knowledge Is Power

North Carolina DMV works with idemia to educate retailers, law enforcement on fraudulent IDs

Cutting Red Tape

Best practices for license suspension reviewed to address burden of “driving while poor”

Title Pairing

Georgia partners with DLRdmv for electronic titling and registration

Unprecedented Adaptations

Motor vehicle administrations and law enforcement respond to the COVID-19 pandemic

Validating Vitals

Electronic verification of vital records streamlines identity verification process

On the Clock Impairment

New training for maintaining a drug- and alcohol-free workplace

Safety Assist

Driver examiners and motorists alike must understand all vehicle capabilities to ensure proper evaluation