Refocused Resources

Washington State follows AAMVA’s guidance on non-highway safety license suspensions

Flexible by Design

Business Information Systems develops a unique digital ecosystem for Tennessee

Real ID Advice

How have you communicated about Real ID implementation to the public in your jurisdiction?

License Suspension and Revocation

Highlights from the latest jurisdiction survey data

Drivers of Success

Women leaders in transportation and their varied paths to chief executive positions

Suspended Future

Linking non-highway safety offenses to license suspension burdens government agencies and, in particular, young drivers

Q&A with Heidi King

NHTSA Deputy Administrator discusses the importance of openness and collaboration

Suspension Status

Rethinking the approach to license suspensions as behavior incentives

Vilfredo’s Harvest

Analyzing patterns of behavior to identify and solve issues

Guiding My Path

Challenging stereotypes and unconscious bias