Safer Together

When we communicate and work together, we collectively move forward

Bridging the Communications Gap

Motor vehicle offices use a variety of tools to communicate with drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing

Driver Education and Training

These surveys focus on customer service and service delivery options

Q&As with Millicent Ford and Major Matthew Cox, Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

MOVE spoke to two lifetime achievement award winners

On the Road with the Chair

Dispatches from the Chair’s travel across the globe

Lifesavers Wanted

Are you a Lifesaver? If you’re reading this article, chances are the answer is yes and there is an event designed with you in mind: The Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities

Crossword – 2022 Issue 3

Passing the Torch

Chrissy Nizer welcomes Kristina Boardman to the role of chair of the board

Perspectives on the mDL Trust Framework

Two digital identity experts discuss what the mDL trust framework needs in order to work and what the future holds for the technology.

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