Musings: Summer 2020

How are you communicating with your community and customers in this extraordinary time?

Q&A with Mike Dixon

Incoming AAMVA Board Chair and Senior Director for the Division of Motor Vehicles, Colorado Department of Revenue, shares his vision for the future of the association

Days of Change

Messages from the outgoing and incoming AAMVA board chairs

Closing the Gaps

Process and procedure are essential to the health and welfare of the public

Q&A with Dr. Darrin Grondel

Highway safety leader shares a roadmap for a safer future

Pulling Together

Amid the challenges and uncertainty of COVID-19, the AAMVA family will weather the storm together

A Wealth of Knowledge

AAMVA’s portfolio is as diverse as its membership

Remembering Mike Calvin

Celebrating a lifetime of service and dedication to highway safety

Q&A with Philippe Guiot

2019 AAMVA Chair’s Award of Excellence recipient

Proactive Response

Meeting customer expectations while maintaining personal data security