Out With the Old

We asked three experts for their take on when it’s time to sunset technology and embrace the new infrastructure

Toe the Line

As chair for only a brief time, much has already been accomplished

Ride the Wave

Public agencies must embrace technological change

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

For decades, odometer disclosure agreements required physical paper and ink signatures. But times have changed.

Up to Speed

Alberta’s Motor Vehicles gets fast and accurate help through AI

A Team Effort

True partnerships are often formed off the books

Next Step for mDL

The Digital Trust Service provides the framework for interoperability, security and privacy

Strategic Sunsetting

As AAMVA continues to upgrade its technology, jurisdictions are assessing their own technology needs

Waves of Change

How jurisdictions are preparing for a surge of new FMCSA rules

Behind the Wheel

Q&A with Chief John Batiste