Future Transactions

West Virginia DMV partners with Celtic Systems on innovative cash register system

Cool Customer Service

Increased efficiency and positive feedback nets Nebraska DMV 2019 Customer Convenience Award for Region 3

Crossword – May 2019

See if you can solve this month’s AAMVA puzzle

Internet Vehicle Sales

Highlights from the latest jurisdiction survey data

Frontline Detectives

You see, but do you observe?

Tangled Web

While buying vehicles online may be convenient, new challenges arise

Q&A with Georgia DDS Commissioner Moore

First graduate of the AAMVA Leadership Academy to serve on the board of directors

Clues to a Ruse

A sneak peak at some of the topics AAMVA’s Internet Vehicle Sales Working Group is discussing

Accelerating Change

AAMVA Working Group tackles the issues and challenges of regulating online vehicle sales

Highway Heroes

A coordinated alliance in the battle against human trafficking