Crossword – November 2018

See if you can solve this month’s AAMVA puzzle

Checking In With The Chair

Rhonda Lahm, Director of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

Gaming the System

Working to reduce the fraudulent use of disability placards and plates

Loaded and Locked

The recently released Ignition Interlock Program Best Practices Guide tackles reciprocity in a comprehensive update

First AIC

How was your first AIC experience?

Q&A with Raymond Martinez

FMCSA Administrator shares insights on leadership in public service

Hello, I Must Be Going

Words of wisdom from the outgoing and incoming chairs

Road to Zero Initiatives

From DUI Task Forces and traffic data analysis to youth outreach and public awareness efforts, progress is being made

Q&A with Rhonda Lahm

Nebraska DMV Director & 2018-2019 Chair of the Board Reflects on Her 38 Years as a Public Employee

The Match Game

It takes more than a swipe to ignite a successful vendor partnership; it takes a plan