Enabling Secure ID with Polycarbonate

Driving licenses require special substrate materials to help prevent counterfeiting; which is why more government agencies are turning to the advanced features of polycarbonate for manufacturing ID documents.

Rethinking the ID

Covestro is among the leading suppliers of polycarbonate film: a robust material that can enable highly secure and tamper-resistant ID documents. These films can be inseparably bonded, produce high-quality images, and are nearly impossible to manipulate – helping to protect against counterfeiting and identity fraud.

Makrofol® ID Features

Driver licenses manufactured with common and easily accessible materials run the risk of being altered or counterfeited, which can lead to a number of undesirable outcomes. Polycarbonate films can enable the production of high-quality driver licenses and offer the ability to include multiple, layered security features in card bodies. Covestro Makrofol® ID films are exclusively positioned for government-issued IDs.

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High-performance, tailor-made materials

Covestro offers a broad portfolio of PC films designed for manufacturing highly secure ID documents and has worked closely with government agencies and card manufacturers in the industry for many years.

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