Keeping Track

Update to S2S Verification Service allows DMVs to share and access current driver history records

An Intelligent Solution

How DMVs are using artificial intelligence to improve service

Peace of Mind

Wisconsin DMV puts AAMVA’s Driver’s License Data Verification service to work for safe and secure identity verification

Remote Control

DMV employees are adapting to digital operations while keeping communication and efficiency top of mind

All Aboard

As NMVTIS nears 99% completion, Texas shares its NMVTIS Guide

Direct Connection

Creating successful partnerships with courts requires open communication

Next-Level Service

How motor vehicle agencies are adapting to meet growing customer expectations

Suspended Future

Linking non-highway safety offenses to license suspension burdens government agencies and, in particular, young drivers

Loaded and Locked

The recently released Ignition Interlock Program Best Practices Guide tackles reciprocity in a comprehensive update

ID of the Storm

The Georgia Department of Driver Services’ new mobile emergency licensing unit