2023 Issue 2

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators



2023 Issue 2



Pick and Choose

By Steve Hendershot | April 28, 2023

Online car sales are here to stay. What does this new reality mean for regulators and DMVs?

Handing Over the Keys

By Regina Ludes | April 28, 2023

As more automated vehicles hit the road, motor vehicle administrators must prepare for the challenges and opportunities they present.

From the CEO

The Courage and Grace to Embrace Change

By Anne Ferro | April 28, 2023

“Change is good. You go first.”

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Smooth Road Ahead

By Jason Henninger | April 28, 2023

A new AAMVA report clears up confusion on specific-use plates


Automated Vehicles

By Janice Dluzynski | April 28, 2023

There are several resources related to automated vehicles.



By AAMVA | April 28, 2023

We asked members what brought them to the 2023 Workshop and Law Institute

Industry Insight

Modernizing with Intention

By Rebecca Lubecki | April 28, 2023

How the Wyoming Department of Transportation and Mathtech are taking vehicle and driver licensing modernization to the next level

Jurisdiction Spotlight

A Game of Tag

By Meredith Landry | April 28, 2023

After an increase in fraudulent temp tags, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission began chasing—and catching—bad players



By AAMVA | April 28, 2023

Behind the Wheel

Q&A With Robin Hutcheson, Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

By AAMVA | April 28, 2023

We caught up with the Administrator to discuss her priorities for the agency and the importance of a “one driver, one history record”


Evolving Techniques for Vehicle Sales

By AAMVA | April 28, 2023

Pandemic-boosted new sales modes challenge old school dealers


Industry Transformation

By Kristina Boardman | April 28, 2023

From new vehicles to new ways to purchase them

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Fast Enterprises

By AAMVA | August 30, 2023

Linda Cone, retired business lead from
the Tennessee Department of Safety
Driver Services Division, discusses her
experience with Fast Enterprises.

Deloitte’s Digital DMV

By AAMVA | August 18, 2023

As an AAMVA associate member for more than 20 years, Deloitte is a long-term collaborator with DMVs,
providing everything from strategic advisory services, to process improvements, to modernized core
systems and AAMVA interfaces.

E-Titling: Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

By Move Mag | April 27, 2023

In the motor vehicle industry’s journey toward electronic titling, your agency may already be in the express lane. Find out how you can leverage existing technology to clear work backlog, save time and money, and increase customer convenience and trust.