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March 2018

Team members provide exceptional service in a supported and respectful environment

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March 2018

perspectives on cultural improvements in the workplace

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March 2018

How servant leadership benefits the customer

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March 2018

Improving Culture in Law Enforcement Agencies


Law Enforcement on Facebook

March 2017

How are law enforcement agencies using social media to interact with their motor vehicle departments and/or their respective communities?


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December 2016

How did AAMVA Jurisdictions celebrate DMV Appreciation Week with Donate Life?


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August 2015

AAMVA members can help fight human trafficking and exploitation


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may 2015



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February 2015

Time is running out to adopt new CDL Testing and CLP Standards


November 2014

Lifetime Achievement Awards Presented to Louisiana State Patrol Superintendent and FMCSA Transportation Specialist

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November 2014

Highlights from the 2014 Annual International Conference

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November 2014

Examining lawsuits regarding the issuance or revocation of vanity and specialty license plates.


August 2014

Prioritizing Safety

The indirect effects of safety grant modifications

Taxi and phone for MOVEmag

August 2014



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May 2014

A Taxing Solution to Infrastructure Funding

With the impending depletion of the Highway Trust Fund, Washington looks for other ways to fund transportation initiatives.

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Aiming for Prevention

The Federal Protective Service works to improve security and protect employees and citizens from active shooters in the thousands of federal facilities across the country.

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november 2013

80 Years of AAMVA's Law Enforcement efforts

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November 2013

highlights from the 2013 Annual International Conference

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November 2013

New York State Police Captain and Maryland MVA Administrator Receive Lifetime Achievement Awards

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november 2013

on a roll

The Hill explores more efficient state voter registration systems

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August 2013

Some jurisdictions include concealed-carry endorsements on driver’s licenses and non-driver ID cards—and even more are considering passing similar measures.



A look at 80 years of vehicle services

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MAY 2013

A Close Look at AAMVA's 80 Years of Service

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MAY 2013

Washington considers the use of a biometric ID card to verify status

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august 2012

A look at the problems with non-driving related license suspensions.

musings ignition interlock

december 2012

What’s the status of your state’s ignition interlock program?


June 2012

What's your perspective on GDL? We get the straight story from J. Peter Kissinger, Joan Peterson and Kristine Thatcher.

Between the Aisles

June 2012

The House Transportation Measure fails. What does the future hold?

June 2012

AAMVA's Workshop Update

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February 2013

A Close Look at AAMVA's 80 Years of Service

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august 2012

Funding the Future

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august 2012

A look at how the Michigan Dealer Director service helps dealerships

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December 2012

Who’s the Helmsman?

lookingforward tall

February 2013

Looking Forward—Retrospectively